TRS Fact Sheets

TRS Fact Sheets


The following fact sheets provide detailed information about topics of interest to TRS members and employers. (You will need Adobe Reader to open the .pdf fact sheets.)

Fact Sheet Topic Revision Date
150 Day Break in Service Requirement 6/7/2019
Beneficiary Designations for Active Members 10/17/2018
Designation of and Payment to Joint Annuitants and Beneficiaries of
Retired Members
Disability Retirement 9/16/2020
Family Law Orders 1/3/2018
Required Minimum Distributions 3/31/2023
Service Purchase 7/28/2016
Substitute Teaching 6/7/2019
Suspension and Reinstatement of Retirement Benefit 2/8/2023
Tax Withholding on Monthly Benefits 10/13/2022
Terminating Employment and Retiring with TRS 6/7/2019
Termination Pay 6/5/2020
Volunteer Service 6/7/2019
Which Positions are Reportable to TRS? 8/15/2022
Withdrawing TRS Membership NEW 10/31/2022
Working After Retirement 6/7/2019
Working as an Independent Contractor 8/25/2016

If you have questions about the content of any Fact Sheet, please call TRS at
(406) 444-3134 or (866) 600-4045.

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