Requesting Access to Employer Reporting Systems

How do I request access?

STEP 1. To gain access to the Wage and Contribution Reporting System or the Insurance Deduction Reporting System on behalf of a TRS employer, you must create your own user account. Click the button below. (If you already have a TRS user account, skip this step.)

STEP 2. Once you've created a TRS user account, provide your Username (not your password!) to the employer's existing Online Administrator to be set up as an Additional User. Or, if the employer does not have an active Online Administrator, TRS will require a completed Form 141 to establish you in that role. (See Employer Roles, below.)

Employer Roles

  • Employer Representative – An administrative officer, trustee, or other person who has general authority to enter into legally binding agreements on behalf of the employer. The Employer Representative must complete, sign and submit TRS Form 141 to designate an Online Administrator for the system. (The Employer Representative and the Online Administrator may be the same individual, if appropriate.)
  • Online Administrator – The person who is primarily responsible for timely reporting to TRS on behalf of the employer. The Online Administrator serves as the primary TRS contact for reporting purposes and must comply with TRS and State of Montana laws and policies regarding access to and use of confidential information and data systems.
  • Additional User – A user who has been granted access by the Online Administrator. This is common in larger school districts where, for example, the payroll manager delegates TRS reporting tasks to other staff. However, the person designated as the Online Administrator remains the primary TRS contact and is responsible for ensuring Additional Users comply with all applicable laws, policies, and instructions for using TRS systems.
    NOTE: To grant access, the Online Administrator must log into the appropriate TRS reporting system, navigate to the Additional Users menu item, and enter the individual's Username. Do not complete Form 141 for additional users.

Account Security and Deactivation

Sharing of usernames and passwords is a violation of TRS policy. TRS employers must not allow employees to reuse or share TRS user accounts.

Accounts are deactivated after 90 days of inactivity. If you are granted access to a TRS employer reporting system and you do not log in for 90 days, your user account will be deactivated automatically. (This process does not affect teachers and other TRS members who use the 'My TRS' member portal.)

  • Deactivation occurs separately for each TRS employer reporting system. If, for example, you have access to the TRS Insurance Deduction system but you only log in once or twice a year, you will lose access to that system after 90 days of inactivity – even if you frequently log into the TRS Wage and Contribution Reporting System. TRS recommends you set a reminder to log in at least quarterly.
  • IMPORTANT! Because Additional User accounts are subordinate to the Online Administrator account, the Online Administrator should log in at least quarterly. Otherwise, the Online Administrator's account and Additional User accounts, if any, will be deactivated.
  • To regain access, call TRS Information Technology staff during regular business hours.

TRS Information Technology Staff

Name & Email Department Phone
John Noble I.T. Manager (406) 444-3395
Rex Merrick System Administrator (406) 444-9293

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