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Page last updated February 27, 2023


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Name Title Phone
Shawn Graham Executive Director (406) 444-3134
Tammy Rau Deputy Executive Director (406) 444-3134
Denise Pizzini Chief Legal Counsel (406) 444-3134
Darla Fitzpatrick Communications Manager (406) 444-0139
Tina West Administrative Assistant (406) 444-3754

Contact these staff members for:  ♦ Agency Administration ♦ Legislative Issues ♦ Administrative Rules ♦ Legal Issues ♦ Public Relations

Active Members

Name Title Phone
Johnelle Sedlock Active Benefit Supervisor (406) 444-4113
Jessie Hill Benefit Officer (406) 444-3091
Sherry Smith Benefit Officer (406) 444-3324
Cathy Leonard Benefit Specialist (406) 444-3132
Vacant Benefit Specialist

Contact these staff members for:  ♦ Account Balance Information ♦ Beneficiary Designation (active members only) ♦ Eligibility for Membership ♦ Estimate of Retirement Benefits ♦ Family Law Orders & Divorce ♦ Irrevocable Elections ♦ Member Statement of Account ♦ Name Change (active members only) ♦ Purchase of Creditable Service ♦ Redeposit of Withdrawn Service ♦ Retirement Application Materials ♦ Retirement Benefit Options ♦ Retirement Planning ♦ Termination Pay ♦ Transfer of Service (PERS to TRS or TRS to PERS) ♦ Vesting

Retired Members & Benefit Recipients

Name Title Phone
Natalie Chamberlain Retired Benefit Supervisor (406) 444-3135
Andrea Davidson Retired Benefit Specialist (406) 444-3185
Becca Bremner Retired Benefit Specialist (406) 444-2912
Janine Whitley Retired Benefit Technician (406) 444-2441

Contact these staff members for:  ♦ 1099-R (Retirees and Benefit Recipients) ♦ Address Changes (Retirees & Benefit Recipients only) ♦ Beneficiary Changes (Retirees only) ♦ Death of Beneficiary or Joint Annuitant ♦ Direct Deposit ♦ Earnings Limitation for Working Retirees ♦ Family Law Orders and Divorce ♦ Federal Income Tax Withholding ♦ Guaranteed Annual Benefit Adjustment (GABA) ♦ Group Health Insurance Premium Withholding ♦ Name Change (Retirees & Benefit Recipients only) ♦ Return to Work after Retirement ♦ State Income Tax Withholding (Montana only) ♦ Survivor Benefits ♦ Tax Excludable Information

Membership / Refunds / Withdrawals / Rollovers

Name Title Phone
Christian Ward Accountant (406) 444-3323
Nolan Brilz Accounting/Fiscal Manager (406) 444-3679

Contact these staff members for:  ♦ New Member Enrollment Process  ♦ Name or Address Change (active members only)  ♦ 1099-R for Lump Sum Distribution ♦ Application for Withdrawal ♦ Member Account Balance Rollover ♦ Refund of Member Contributions ♦ Refund to Employer ♦ Tax Excludable Information

Employer Contribution Reporting

Name Title Phone
Christian Ward Accountant (406) 444-3323
Nolan Brilz Accounting/Fiscal Manager (406) 444-3679
Ali Holland Accounting Technician (406) 444-2540

Contact these staff members for:  ♦ Employer Contribution Reporting Deadlines ♦ Employer Monthly Reporting Questions ♦ Overage/Shortage Questions


Name Title Phone
Chris Fish Auditor (406) 444-6173
Nolan Brilz Accounting/Fiscal Manager (406) 444-3679

Contact these staff members for: ♦ Questions About TRS Audits

Information Technology

Name Title Phone
John Noble* Information Systems Manager (406) 444-3395
Rex Merrick* Information Systems Admin (406) 444-9293
Melissa Goodman Imaging/Quality Control Tech (406) 444-5227
Tracy Tice Imaging/Quality Control Tech (406) 444-1886

*Contact John or Rex for:  ♦ Online Access and Support for My TRS Member Portal or Employer Reporting Systems

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