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For security, the TRS website and online systems are not available in all foreign countries.

Log in to the My TRS online account system to view information about your monthly benefit, working retiree earnings, 150-day break in service, and tax documents.

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For more information about using My TRS, please view the following TRS Advisor video:

My TRS Online Account Demonstration - Benefit Recipients

Defining a TRS Retiree and a TRS Benefit Recipient


TRS members are considered to be retired once they have:

  • terminated all employment in all positions reportable to TRS, and
  • received at least one monthly benefit payment.

To be eligible for monthly retirement benefits, members must terminate employment in all positions reportable to TRS and have a bona fide separation from service. A TRS member who

  • has not attained normal retirement age of 60 and
  • has a pre-arranged agreement to return to work for their pre-retirement employer.

has not terminated employment and is not eligible for retirement benefits.

Benefit Recipient

If you are receiving a survivor benefit, a minor child benefit, are a beneficiary or joint annuitant, you are a benefit recipient.

Insurance Premiums

  • TRS can withhold insurance premiums from retirement benefits for retired members or their surviving joint annuitants.
  • Members and beneficiaries must contact the payroll clerk at the place of the member's former employment in order to elect this option.
  • This provision does not allow withholding insurance premiums for individual insurance policies.
  • TRS has no connection with any group insurance plan. We offer the withholding as a service to our members. If you have any questions regarding your insurance, you must contact the payroll clerk at the place of your former employment.

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