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March 27, 2020 – TRS OFFICES ARE CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC until further notice. However, you may rest assured that our work continues! Monthly retirement benefits and other payments will be processed as usual.

While staff are still available by telephone to assist members, call quality sometimes is poor due to overwhelming call volume on the State network. We ask for your patience during this challenging time.

Retirement applications and other materials may be submitted by regular mail:
TRS, PO Box 200139, Helena MT 59620-0139.

For general TRS questions, call our toll-free line: (866) 600-4045
For information about the novel coronavirus, please visit:

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The TRS Mission

Our mission is to promote long-term financial security for our members while proactively maintaining the stability of the system.

The most common sources of income for retirees in the U.S. are Social Security and personal savings (including investments). TRS members have the added security of a defined benefit pension plan in which the monthly benefit amount is based on both their years of service and their average final compensation. Defined benefits are guaranteed for the member's lifetime.

All TRS members contribute a percentage of their earned income as a share of the funding for their retirement, disability, and death benefits. TRS employers also contribute a share based on their employees' total earned income. The employer contributions go into a statewide pool and those pooled funds are invested by the Montana Board of Investments to provide long-term funding for TRS benefits.

School Boards page

Are you a Montana public school board member? TRS has created a new, informational web page just for you.


National Poll: Teachers Hold Favorable Views of Defined Benefit Pensions

According to research published in November 2019 by the National Institute on Retirement Security (NIRS), the vast majority of teachers who participated in a national poll gave a positive response when asked about their retirement benefits. Teachers also seem to recognize the value of a defined benefit pension as a tool for recruiting and retaining employees.

Click the image below to view the NIRS "Teacher Fact Sheet," which provides a more thorough summary of survey responses.

image excerpted from NIRS Teacher Fact Sheet
Source: National Institute on Retirement Security

Public pensions contribute to the state and local economy

For fiscal year 2019, TRS paid over $367 millon to 16,662 retirees and other benefit recipients. Of that amount, nearly $307 million was paid to the 13,278 recipients living right here in Montana. These dollars flow back into your local communities.

A more detailed breakdown with recipient numbers is available HERE.
To view a larger map, click the image below.

Image of TRS Retirement Benefit distribution for FY 2019

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