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Page last updated 6/22/17

Three general features of the Wage & Contribution Reporting System are described below:


The Welcome page

The main menu

The Print button on each page.

Welcome page

When you first log into the system, a Welcome page displays your six-digit Employer ID, employer name, and your name as well as a warning about unauthorized access. TRS occasionally will post important information for employers on this page.

Warning-20 Be sure to review any announcements on the page, then click Continue to proceed.


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arrow_green_16x16 TIP: If you are authorized to manage wage and contribution reporting for more than one Employer ID:


The Welcome page displays the name and six-digit ID of your employer.

If you manage wage and contribution reporting for multiple employers, the system logs you into the employer with the lowest ID number. Access the Change Employer page to select another Employer ID.



The main navigation menu for the Wage & Contribution Reporting System is always displayed on the left side of the system window.


Each menu option is described briefly below. You can click a link to jump to the related section of the manual, where each page is described in detail.



Click to view larger image. (Click again to close.)NEW as of November 2022: The Action Items button displays a counter showing whether TRS requires you to certify a specific piece of information about one or more of your employees. At this time, action items indicate that a current or recent employee has submitted an application to withdraw from TRS and confirmation of their employment status is required. Click the Action Items link above for details about this new feature.


The Home button returns to the TRS website home page. Be careful -- this is outside of the Wage & Contribution Reporting System.


The Employer Reports menu option accesses the List Employer Reports page.

Note: When you first log into the system, the List Employer Reports page displays by default.


Member History displays a history of a member's contributions by pay period. For privacy reasons, the page does not display any contributions made by other employers.


Member Search/Edit gives you a way to find out whether new employees are already TRS members. If they are not members, they may be added to TRS either by using this page or by including them in your uploaded report. The Member Search/Edit pages also allow you to edit demographic information such as name, address, date of birth, and member type for your existing active employees.


The Report Upload option allows you to upload wage and contribution files produced by your accounting/payroll system.


Term Pay Calculator is a tool that you may use for budgeting purposes. It helps you calculate termination pay amounts based on different term pay options.


The Employer page displays a list of employer reports that have contributed to any current over/short balance. If there is no balance forward, no reports will be listed on this page.


The Employer Contact page allows you to update your contact information for TRS in case of questions about your reports.


The Reporting menu option, when clicked, expands to display a list of reports that you can generate at any time. Available reports include Contribution Summary, Contribution Detail, and Working Retirees.


Depending on your user role, you may or may not see the following menu options:


The Additional Users menu option is accessible to the employer's designated Online Administrator and is used to grant access to other employees for the Wage & Contribution Reporting System.


The Change Employer menu option is visible to employer users who are responsible for reporting wages and contributions for more than one Employer ID.


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Print Button

A symbol resembling a desktop printer displays in the upper right corner of each page in the Wage & Contribution Reporting System. This button is programmed to print only the contents of the current page, without including the menu or other graphics that you don't need. This is the fastest and easiest way to make printouts of the information on your page.


NOTE: If you see an error message on your printout when you use the Print button, click HERE for a list of options (PDF). These problems generally occur when using the Internet Explorer 11 browser. Using another browser (e.g., Mozilla Firefox) should resolve the issue.


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