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Page last updated 10/6/15

This section applies only to the State of Montana agencies listed in the table below:



Superintendent of Public Instruction

Board of Public Education

Commissioner of Higher Education

School for the Deaf & Blind

Dept of Agriculture

Dept of Corrections

Military Affairs

DPHHS (Montana State Hospital)


At least one staff person at each agency has access to the TRS Wage & Contribution Reporting System. That person completes all steps, except as noted.


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Reporting monthly wages and contributions to TRS

Prior to the 10th of every month:


1.Log into SABHRS and create a payroll report for TRS.


arrow_green_16x16 See the User Guide, below, provided by Central Payroll.

oNote: SABHRS produces a report in list format (extension .LIS). This is different from the text files (.txt or .trs) files produced by most other payroll systems.


2.Upload your .LIS file to the TRS Wage & Contribution Reporting System.


Follow steps provided in the Report Upload topic.

When choosing a file to upload, be sure to change the Browse window to look for all files, not just .txt and .trs files.


3.On the List Employer Reports page, click the View Down_view_arrow button for your newly uploaded report. The Report Summary displays.


4.Click the Run Report button at the bottom of the Report Summary page. This opens the Employer Edit Report (pdf) in a new window.


Warning-20 While the "wheel" is spinning, do not click the button again.


Click to view larger image. (Click again to close.)


5.Review errors and warnings shown in the Employer Edit Report.


Warning-20 All errors must be corrected; see Steps 4 and 5 in the Employer Reports Step-by-Step Procedures.

arrow_green_16x16 TIP: Central Payroll has provided a reference sheet of potential errors and discrepancies unique to State of Montana agencies. Click here to view.


6.Run the Employer Edit Report again, if you made any corrections or changes.


arrow_green_16x16 TIP: Error and warning messages do not disappear immediately when a change has been made. The Employer Edit Report must be run again to reevaluate your data.


When the Employer Edit Report shows In Balance and Edited No Errors, it is ready for review by Central Payroll.


No later than the 10th of the month:


7.Confirm that the Report Summary page shows In Balance and Edited No Errors.


Warning-20 Do not click the Submit button on the Report Summary page.

arrow_green_16x16 TIP: If you accidentally click Submit, you can click Unsubmit. Be sure to do this right away, so that TRS does not begin processing your report before Central Payroll has had a chance to review it.


8.Send an email to Central Payroll ( to let them know your report for this pay period is ready to be submitted to TRS. Follow any guidelines that may have been provided to you regarding content and format of the email.


No later than the 15th of the month:


9.Central Payroll reviews your report and may contact you about any discrepancies.


10. Central Payroll submits the report.


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Documents provided by Central Payroll

The State of Montana Central Payroll office has created a user guide for running TRS reports in SABHRS, as well as a document listing some common errors and discrepancies that you might encounter. Images of those documents are presented below for your convenience. If you have questions about these items, please contact Central Payroll: or (406) 444-2962.


User Guide for SABHRS report (provided by State of MT Central Payroll office) - Pg 1 of 3


User Guide for SABHRS report (provided by State of MT Central Payroll office) - Pg 2 of 3


User Guide for SABHRS report (provided by State of MT Central Payroll office) - Pg 3 of 3


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Resolving common errors related to TRS wage and contribution reporting


After you have uploaded your TRS report into the TRS Wage & Contribution Reporting System, you will run the Employer Edit Report.


If the Employer Edit Report contains errors, they must be corrected. Review the document below for guidance on common errors affecting State of Montana agencies. Other errors are summarized here.


Document provided by State of MT Central Payroll office


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