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Page last updated 12/3/18

Wage & Contribution Reporting System Overview

Here you'll find answers to general questions about the Montana Teachers' Retirement System (TRS) Wage & Contribution Reporting System for employers. We recommend you read all the information in this overview. Or, click a link to jump to a specific question.


What is the Wage & Contribution Reporting System?

Is the system easy to use?


See also: General Reporting Requirements


What is the Wage & Contribution Reporting System?

The Wage & Contribution Reporting System was implemented in late 2014 as part of a larger TRS information technology upgrade project designed to provide a more modern, secure, and easy-to-use system for employers and TRS staff. Employers' historical data from the legacy reporting system, including monthly reports and member contribution history, was preserved and can be viewed in the Wage & Contribution Reporting System.


Is the system easy to use?

Yes! It was designed to be more intuitive and user friendly than the legacy Web Contribution Reporting System.


This Online Manual describes each page of the system and also provides step-by-step instructions for working with monthly reports.




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