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Manual last updated 4/19/2024

Welcome to the Online Manual for the TRS Wage & Contribution Reporting System

Action Items menu button

Action Items menu button


Warning-20 "Action Items" feature


This feature was added to the Wage & Contribution Reporting system in October 2022.

Please review the Action Items topic within this Online Manual to learn about how they work and what they do. If you have questions about your responsibility to complete action items, call TRS at (406) 444-3134 during regular business hours.






TRS requires a contribution report every month – even if you paid no wages, such as in a summer month. You can submit a "$0 Contribution" report with just a few clicks, as follows:


Easy Steps for
$0 Contribution Reports

for months when
NO wages are paid



1.Choose Employer Reports from the menu and make sure your previous month's report has been submitted to TRS.

2.On the List Employer Reports page, click the "+" (Add) button in the upper right. When the Add Report Header page displays, you will see that:

oThe Report Type field is set to Contribution

oThe Pay Period is set to the next month for which no contributions have been submitted.

3.In the Report Type row, select Yes for "$0 Contribution?"

4.Click Save, then OK to confirm the action. Your newly created report is listed on the List Employer Reports page, and you now can submit it.


To submit the $0 Contribution report:

5.Click the Down arrow to view the Report Summary page.

oYou will notice the Progress Bar is mostly green. Because no funds are being remitted, no Edit step is needed!

6.Click Submit.

oYour $.00 report is posted automatically.


arrow_green_16x16 TIP: Will you be submitting $.00 report for all summer months? After you submit the first one, you can copy it to the next month and submit it right away. No need to wait!

arrow_green_16x16 Click any item in the Table of Contents (at left) to view that topic.

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arrow_green_16x16 This is a system guide only. For TRS policy, forms, and employer reference materials, visit the TRS website.


arrow_green_16x16 If you are new to the Wage & Contribution Reporting System or need a refresher, read the Overview topic before proceeding.


arrow_green_16x16 Be sure to read the Step-by-Step Procedures topic for detailed instructions on editing and submitting your report. The graphic below illustrates the sequence of steps.


The Report Summary page displays a green progress bar to illustrate steps

that must be completed.

See the Report Summary page description for details.


Reminder_report processing steps_revised-PrintPDF

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