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$0 Contribution report

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Action Items

IconWage & Contribution Reporting System Online Manual
IconAction Items

Adjustment Report

Adjustment Reports, creating

Annual Statements mailing

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Balance forward

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Central Payroll (State of MT)

Certify termination date

Contribution Detail report

Contribution History

Contribution Report

Contribution Summary report

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Employee -- see TRS Member

Employer Contact

Payroll contact person

Personnel contact person

Employer Edit Report, sample

Employer ID

Selecting another ID

Viewing associated employer name

Employer Reports

$0 Contributions

Add a note to

Add member to

Adjustment report

Buttons used

Combine (year end)

Copy forward

Create from scratch

Delete a report

Edit a report

Employer Edit Report

Frequently asked questions


Progress Bar

Submitting to TRS

Terminating employee


View history of

Zero dollar report

Error message

how to resolve

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Find button

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Invalid address error

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Lookup function

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Member Status

Monthly Reporting

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Note (on Report Summary)

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Online Administrator


Override uploaded file

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How to view or print PDF

Print button

Print Error

Progress Bar

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Report Status

Reporting Deadline

Reporting Requirements, general

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SABHRS report (State of MT)

Screenprints, how to make


State of Montana procedures

Submitting Reports (overview)

System Access

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Term Pay (Termination Pay)

Calculator tool

FICA withholding

Form required

Medicare withholding

Option 1 or 2

Printing the calculation

Termination Date

TRS member

Add (create) member

Adding to report

Date hired


Edit demographic information

Forms required to enroll

Member Status

Searching for



View contribution history

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Upload report

Resolving upload errors

Text (.txt or .trs) file


USPS Validation

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Warning message

How to resolve

Sample list


Working Retirees

Allowable earnings report

General requirement

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Zero dollar report