"Find" and "Lookup" functions

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Page last updated 9//22/17

Some pages in the Wage & Contribution Reporting System have Find and Lookup buttons near the top that allow you to find a TRS member by Social Security Number (SSN) or by name.


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Use the Find button when you know the employee's SSN


Type the SSN and click the Find button. If a TRS member exists for that SSN, the system displays that member's information.



Use Lookup to search by name or a combination of search criteria


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Type at least one character in at least one field and click the Search button.

oThe more information you enter, the fewer results will be returned. Be careful not to make your search too specific.

oThe Last Name and First Name fields search for any names that begin with the letter(s) you enter.

oThe Employer ID field will default to your employer.

oTo erase all characters in all fields, click the Clear button.


arrow_green_16x16 TIP: Once you have selected a member, the system remembers that information as you move from page to page. You don't have to use Find or Lookup on every page.


Warning-20 Important:


oWhen you use the Find or Lookup fields on most pages, the system searches only for your own employees, meaning those for whom you have reported wages. In this case, the Employer field has a grey background and your Employer ID cannot be erased.


oException: If you access the Lookup function from the Member Search/Edit menu option, the Employer ID field has a white background and allows you to erase your Employer ID so that you can search all of TRS to see if your employee is already a member. See Member Search/Edit for details.



In the screen image below, the Member Lookup page has been accessed from the Member Search/Edit menu option. The Employer ID has been erased to search the entire TRS membership database.


A list of results is displayed when the lookup is complete:


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Sample results when Lookup is accessed from Member Search/Edit. Erasing the Employer ID field searches all TRS members.


Select any member by clicking either their name or the blue button on the right side of the page. The system will display the selected member's information on the page from which you initiated your search.

oNote: The list of results may include multiple rows for the same member. You may select any of these rows; they all access the same membership record.



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