Employer Reports

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Page last updated 10/6/15

The Employer Reports menu option accesses the area of the system where you will edit and submit your monthly wage and contribution reports to TRS.


This section of the Online Manual is broken into three main topics:


Page descriptions of the List Employer Reports, Report Summary, Member List, Member Detail, and Add Member to Report pages


Step-by-step procedures for editing and submitting your monthly reports


A list of error and warning messages that you might encounter while uploading or editing your monthly reports


Use the links above or the Table of Contents (at left) to access a topic.


In the Employer Reports area of the system, you will use buttons to navigate from page to page or to make changes to your monthly reports:


web_view_down_arrow_icon  The View (down arrow) button appears on many pages within the system and is used to view more details. On the List Employer Reports page, this button accesses the Report Summary.

Web_WC_up_icon  The Back (up arrow) button always returns to the previous page without saving any changes.

web_WC_employees_icon  The Employees (members) button takes you to a list of members included in a report.

Web_WC_edit_icon  The Edit (pencil) button appears on pages such as Report Summary and Member Detail, but only when the information can be edited.

web_plus_add_icon  The Add (plus sign) button is only used to create new records. Examples include adding a new adjustment report period or adding a TRS member to a report.


An Action button, such as Run Report or Submit, often displays at the bottom of the Report Summary page. This button represents the next action that you will take, based on the current status of the report. A table showing all available actions is shown here.


Progress Bar

A green progress bar on the Report Summary page helps guide you through each step.


Example: When you have run the Employer Edit report and no errors exist, you are ready to submit your report to TRS. Remember to click the Submit button at the bottom of Report Summary!


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