Employer Balance

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Page last updated 3/20/15

The Employer Balance page is designed to help employers understand why they have a balance forward. It displays the total balance due as well as the specific monthly report(s) that contributed to this balance due.


The balance forward could be:

oA negative amount (i.e., a credit) resulting from the employer's overpayment; or

oA positive amount owed to TRS to correct a shortage.


Each field and column is described below.


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Sample screen image 1: Credit balance with no unposted reports



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Sample screen image 2: Credit balance not deducted from latest unposted report


Field Names, Column Headings, and Descriptions


Summary section

Balance Forward: A cumulative amount carried forward from all outstanding overages and/or shortages from all submitted and posted contribution reports.

arrow_green_16x16 TIP: This balance also shows on the Report Summary page and the Contribution Summary Report.


Unposted Reports: The amount due in reports submitted to TRS but not yet posted.


Total Balance Due: The total amount due or the total credit amount. A credit is shown as a negative number.

arrow_green_16x16 Sample screen image 1 above shows a credit of $150.00 resulting from two prior reports. The employer may apply the credit to a future report by remitting $150.00 less than the total due.

arrow_green_16x16 Sample screen image 2 shows a credit of $148.19. There is an unposted report in process, and we can see that the employer did not deduct this credit amount (i.e., the Total Remitted matches the Total Due). Therefore, the Balance Forward section will continue to display the credit amount from the 2/2014 pay period until the employer reduces a future month's remittance by that amount.


Detail section

The Detail section lists all employer reports that have contributed to the total balance due shown above.

A Balance Forward heading is displayed above any posted reports that have contributed to the balance forward.

An Unposted Reports heading also may be shown, if any reports have been submitted to TRS but are not yet posted.

oNote: Any reports still in Employer Editing status are excluded from Employer Balance calculations.


Type:  A letter indicating the type of employer report (C = Contributions; A = Adjustments).

Pay Period: The pay period of the report that included an overage/shortage or balance forward.

Employee and Employer Contributions: A breakdown of employer and employee contributions in this report.

Total Due: The total amount that was due for this report based on the employees and wage information included in the report.

Total Remitted: The actual amount paid to TRS for this report.

Over+/Short-: The amount that the employer overpaid or underpaid; i.e., the difference between Total Due and Total Remitted fields.

Balance Forward: A negative or positive number indicating the amount that the employer should subtract or add to their current report to bring their TRS account into balance.

Note column: A yellow icon note icon_16 displays if this report includes any explanatory notes entered by either the employer or TRS staff. To read the note, move your mouse over the icon. A gray box appears and displays the contents of the note, as shown in the image below:


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To review details of any report listed on the Employer Balance page, click the View web_view_down_arrow_icon button. This opens the Report Summary page for the selected report.


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