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Page last updated 10/31/22

The Action Items menu option helps to automate certain steps that previously required the employer to complete a paper form for certain TRS member events.



TRS currently uses the 'Action Items' feature to automate certain steps for employees who have applied for withdrawal.

As you may know, only employees who no longer work in TRS-reportable positions may apply for withdrawal, which means to forfeit all rights of TRS membership and receive a refund of member contributions.

In the future, the Action Items feature may be expanded to automate other processes.


How will this affect me?

When one of your current or recent employees has applied for withdrawal, TRS will generate an action item so that you can certify their termination of employment electronically. TRS cannot process the application for withdrawal until their termination is certified.

oNote: By "current or recent employees," we mean employees for whom you have reported wages within the last six months. If an employee's last report of wages was more than six months ago, TRS will not generate an Action Item.


You will have up to 60 days to complete the action item as described below. TRS Accounting staff may contact you if a member's application is approaching the 60-day deadline.


Has anything changed with the withdrawal application process?

Yes. TRS has created an online withdrawal application for members who have decided to withdraw TRS membership. The member must log into My TRS and select the "My Account Balances" menu option. If they are eligible to apply online, they will see an Online Withdrawal Application button.

Or, the member may complete the latest version of Form 119 Application For Withdrawal if they prefer. To obtain the current form, they must contact TRS.

TRS will generate an Action Item as described above, regardless of whether the member elected to apply on paper or online.



Action Items - List

Default display when action items exist

Default display when action items exist


Help text on 'Immediate Action Needed' column

Help text on 'Immediate Action Needed' column


When the Action Items button on the left side of the screen displays a number, you will see the associated action items upon logging into the system.

If you currently have no action items to complete, the Employer Reports list screen will display instead.



Action Items Procedure

1. Click the Edit edit_icon button to the right of the member's action item.

The Certification of Termination of Employment screen displays.


2.  Read the information below the member's name, select the option that reflects the member's employment status, and click Continue.




If you selected the first option (member is not permanently terminating employment):


You will be asked to certify this information in the next step.

TRS then will void the member's application for withdrawal.


If you selected the second option (member has terminated or will terminate employment):


3. Enter the employee's last day of work with your school district or organization and click Continue.

Note: This is not necessarily the date on which their employment contract ends.

Do not guess! If you aren't sure of their last day of work, click Cancel. You can re-access and complete the action item later.




4. Select the past (or future) month in which the contributions were (or will be) remitted, and click Continue.

Do not guess! If you are unsure of the month in which final contributions were/will be remitted, click Cancel. You can re-access and complete the action item later.

TRS cannot refund the member's account balance until all contributions have been reported. Remitting additional contributions after the member has already withdrawn (cashed out) will create more work for you and for TRS.


Example: Employee contributions not yet remitted

Example: Employee contributions not yet remitted



5. Check the box to certify the accuracy of information you are providing, then cllick Continue. Or, if you are unsure of the dates you provided, click Cancel (you may re-access and complete the action item later).


Final certification step

Final certification step


arrow_green_16x16 TIP: If you indicated in the action item that final contributions won't be remitted to TRS until a future monthly report, the action item will remain on your list (see example below) as a reminder:

Action item partially complete, pending receipt of final contributions

Action item partially complete, pending receipt of final contributions


oOnce you have remitted that monthly report and TRS has posted contributions to the member's account, the action item will disappear from your list automatically.


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