TRS Legislative Updates

2019 Legislative Session

The 66th session of the Montana Legislature convened on January 7, 2019. A brief summary of legislation that would affect TRS members, benefit recipients or employers is provided below. To review the text of each bill and any associated fiscal notes, please visit the LAWS website.

Note: HB indicates House Bill, SB indicates Senate Bill, MPERA is the Montana Public Employee Retirement Administration, and PERS is the Public Employees' Retirement System.

Page last updated: February 21, 2019.

Bills Introduced at the Request of the TRS Board

HB 204: Generally Revise Teachers' Retirement System Laws (link to HB 204)
This bill revises definitions and updates certain aspects of current law with more concise language. Of note, this bill requires TRS employers to submit $0 wage and contribution reports for months in which no reportable compensation is paid, clarifies TRS policy on withdrawal of membership and refund of contributions, and clarifies requirements for designation of and payment to a beneficiary.

  • Primary Sponsor: Marilyn Ryan (D) HD 99
  • Current Status: Passed in committee

HB 337: Increase University System Supplemental Contribution to TRS (link to HB 337)
This bill would increase the supplemental contribution from 4.72% of MUS-RP participant salaries to 11.89% as is necessary to amortize by 2033 (as required in 19-20-621, MCA) the unfunded liability created when TRS was closed to all new hires of the MUS.

  • Primary Sponsor: Ryan Lynch (D) HD 76
  • Current Status: Tabled in committee

Introduced Bills That Directly Impact TRS

SB 139: Revise Retiree Return-to-Work Provisions (link to SB 139)
This bill would revise provisions that allow certain TRS retirees to be reemployed in positions reportable to the retirement system without loss or interruption of retirement benefits. As amended, the bill would reduce the pre-retirement creditable service requirement from 30 years to 27 years and would exclude superintendent positions, but would retain the 3-year lifetime limit on such employment.

  • Primary Sponsor: Mike Lang (R) SD 17
  • Current Status: Passed Senate and transmitted to House

Archives: 2017, 2015 and 2013 sessions


Four bills affecting TRS were passed by the 65th Montana Legislature. These bills are summarized in this Legislative Update (pdf).



Three bills affecting TRS were passed by the 64th Montana Legislature. These bills are summarized in this Legislative Update (pdf).



Three bills passed by the 63rd Montana Legislature created significant changes to TRS. In addition, a bill passed during the 2009 session became effective. This Legislative Update summary (pdf) describes the changes.



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