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The TRS office reopened to the public on June 14, 2021. Normal business hours are 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Monday - Friday (except State holidays).

Limited in-person appointments are available by appointment. If you visit us in Helena, please observe any signs that may be posted regarding current pandemic protocols. Call us at (406) 444-3134 or (866) 600-4045 with any questions you may have.

Access the Governor's Coronavirus Task Force page here:

Coronavirus-Related Distributions

Q:  I qualified for and received a Coronavirus-Related Distribution (CVRD) from TRS in 2020. If I later return to work in a TRS-reportable position, can I reinstate my creditable service and my right to receive a future retirement benefit?

A:  Yes. Anyone who withdraws from TRS and later returns to TRS active membership may redeposit all or any portion of the withdrawn funds to receive creditable service commensurate with the amount of the redeposit.

Normally, a member who previously withdrew must pay interest on that redeposit; however, if you qualified for a CVRD under the CARES Act,* you may make that redeposit without paying interest as long as you do so within the three (3) calendar years beginning on the day after you received the CVRD from TRS.

*The CARES Act, enacted by the federal government in late March 2020, provided tax advantages for active, contributing members of a retirement system who had suffered adverse health or financial consequences as a result of the virus and who were otherwise eligible to receive a distribution from the retirement system. The deadline for requesting a Coronavirus-Related Distribution (CVRD) from TRS was December 10, 2020. (For details, see the TRS Information Sheet: Coronavirus-Related Distribution.)

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