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Page last updated October 5, 2023

Text messages from unknown sources —

A small number of TRS retirees have reported receiving text messages that vaguely imply their TRS retirement is ending.

The most important thing to know is that TRS does not communicate with members by text message. Further, TRS is a defined benefit pension plan, in which each retiree’s benefit is guaranteed for life.

Members who receive such messages should assume they are spam and delete them without responding to or engaging with the sender.

Misleading email messages —

In July 2023, a Montana TRS employer (a community college) reported that some employees received unsolicited emails from an out-of-state organization offering assistance with their “TRS/PERS” retirement.

These third-party organizations are not affiliated with Montana’s public pensions in any way. Because they do not have access to TRS or PERS member data, they are unable to verify members' eligibility, accurately calculate their retirement benefits, or assist them in obtaining those benefits.

TRS and PERS members who wish to apply for retirement benefits must contact their retirement system directly.

What should you do if you receive a suspicious message?

Never click a link or respond to the sender if you are unsure where the message came from!

If you have questions or concerns about a text message, email, or phone call that mentions TRS, you may contact us directly to determine its validity. Our general contact information and office hours are shown at the bottom of this webpage.

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