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Page last updated May 13, 2024

MAIN OFFICE NUMBERS: (406) 444-3134 or (866) 600-4045
HOURS: Mon-Fri 8:00 AM–5:00 PM (except State holidays)

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TRS Administration
Contact TRS Executive Staff or Legal Counsel for inquiries about:

General Agency Administration – Administrative Rules – Board Matters and Policies – Legal Issues – Legislation Affecting TRS Members or Employers – Public Relations

Name / Email Title Phone
Shawn Graham Executive Director (406) 444-3376
Tammy Rau Deputy Executive Director (406) 444-3432
Denise Pizzini Chief Legal Counsel (406) 444-9388
Tina West Administrative Assistant (406) 444-3754

Active Benefits Team
This team serves TRS members who do not yet collect monthly retirement benefits.
Contact them for inquiries about the following topics:

Account Balances – Annual Statement of Account – Beneficiary Designations (non-retirees only) – Eligibility for Membership – Estimate of Retirement Benefits – Family Law Orders, Divorce – Name Change (non-retirees only) – Redeposit of Withdrawn Service – Retirement Applications, Benefit Options – Retirement Planning – Service Audits – Service Purchases – Termination Pay Irrevocable Election Forms – Transfer of Service (TRS - PERS) – Vesting

Name / Email Title Phone
Johnelle Sedlock Active Benefit Supervisor (406) 444-4113
Jessie Hill Benefit Officer (406) 444-3091
Sherry Smith Benefit Officer (406) 444-3324
Cathy Leonard Benefit Specialist (406) 444-3132
Jaxon Simonson Benefit Specialist (406) 444-2465

Retired Payroll Team
This team serves retirees and survivors who receive a monthly benefit from TRS.
Contact them for inquiries about the following topics:

Address Changes (benefit recipients only) – Beneficiary Changes – Break-in-Service Requirement for Working Retirees – Death of Retiree, Beneficiary, or Joint Annuitant – Direct Deposit of Benefits – Family Law Orders, Divorce – Guaranteed Annual Benefit Adjustment (GABA) – Insurance Premium Withholding – Name Changes – Survivor Benefits – Tax Forms (1099-R) for Retiree and Survivor Benefits – Tax Withholding (federal and MT only) – Working Retiree Annual Earnings Limitation

Name / Email Title Phone
Natalie Chamberlain Retired Benefit Supervisor (406) 444-3135
Hays Bartruff Retired Benefit Specialist (406) 444-3185
Brittanny Black Retired Benefit Specialist (406) 444-2912
Janine Whitley Retired Benefit Technician (406) 444-2441

Accounting Team
This team serves TRS employers as well as members withdrawing TRS membership.
Contact them for inquiries about the following topics:

Employer Contribution Reporting and Overage/Shortage Questions – Employer Audits – Member and Employer Refunds – Name or Address Changes (active members only) – New Member Enrollment – Tax Excludable Information – Tax Forms (1099-R) for Lump Sum Distributions – Withdrawal of Member Account Balance

Name / Email Title Phone
Nolan Brilz Accounting/Fiscal Manager (406) 444-3679
Christian Ward Accountant (406) 444-3323
Ali Holland Accounting Technician (406) 444-2540
Chris Fish Auditor (406) 444-6173

Communications and Outreach Team
This team coordinates internal and external communications, publications, and events.
Contact them with inquiries about the following topics:

Board Meeting Notices – Educational Events for Members and Employers – Employer Bulletins – Fact Sheets, Forms, and Reference Materials – Member Newsletters – Public Relations – Social Media Accounts – Surveys – User Manuals for TRS Portal Applications – Website Content and Accessibility

Name / Email Title Phone
Darla Fitzpatrick Communication Manager (406) 444-0139
Jennifer Van Syckle Communication Specialist (406) 444-3283

Information Technology Team
Please call John or Rex if you are having difficulty logging into a TRS system.

Name / Email Title Phone
John Noble Information Systems Manager (406) 444-3395
Rex Merrick Information Systems Administrator (406) 444-9293
Tracy Tice Imaging/Quality Control Tech (406) 444-1886
Vacant Imaging/Quality Control Tech

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